SEO and SMO Team at R.K.A. is pledged to accelerate Internal and External Businesses
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are the key business drivers in today’s date. Every organization is using these two tools or ways to grow its reach among the people, develop more customers by targeting the right audience and thus popularizing itself. That is why R.K.A. has hired expert SEO and SMO professionals who help the clients to grow their businesses.

We also hire SEO and SMO experts to develop our internal businesses and get popularized to receive more work and applaud. Our SEO and SMO experts are working dedicatedly and continually to grow our hold in market. Also, we provide these services to our clients just in the way they desire. We make our clients happy by meeting their expectations and thus creating a good reputation of ours.

SEO helps in making the website visible in feeds while searching it online. This is possible with the help of keywords. Internet marketing is possible only if the keyword search by a website visitor leads him/her to the correct landing pages. However, this is just the basic SEO and the expert level is done by our professionals at R.K.A.

Nowadays, the entire world has almost shrunk and got connected to each other on social media platforms. Therefore, if a business is popularized on social media through RSS feeds, native advertisements etc., then the possibility of its reach among people is enhanced. It reaches more people and thus gets a good name in shorter time. This is a basic motive of any SMO specialist and R.K.A. has a highly skilled team of such experts.

We organize learning and training sessions for our new and old SEO/SMO specialists so that they remain up to date and do not upset our clients in any way. Also, we teach them how to use new tools to enhance our visibility on social media platforms.