App Migration

Migrate Your Apps to Different Environment

What is App Migration?
Application migration is the process of shifting of an Application from one environment to another, say from one cloud environment to another. The migration of an application could be crucial as there’re many differences between the host environment and the target environment. Some apps can run only on specific platforms, but some are which we can migrate.

Best Practices For App Migration

Make an Assessment
Before deciding on the migration of an App, it is very important to study the ecosystem of the application in the question.

Map Out a Perfect Migration Plan
Identify the need for migration and analyze the circumstances in which migration can be done hassle-free. Your plan should include answers to questions like whether to migrate the app in phases or start with critical operations only.

Execute the Plan
Once you’re all set, go ahead to execute the plan you made with all confidence.

We Can Move Mountains of Data
We understand the challenges involved in migrating apps to different environments and committed to offering the best services to our clients. At the start, the app data is quite less, but as and when the data increases, the storage capacity decreases, and there comes the need to migrate the app data. It then becomes too expensive and complicated to manage the tons of data. We help our clients to move large data files to different environment very fast.