App Hosting


We Offer Top-of-the-Line App Hosting Solutions

Hosting is Important!
The choice of making the right App hosting services is very crucial for managing the website. At the start, the business usually avails whatever be the available services, but hosting is not something to decide in a hurry. We’re a team of enthusiastic professionals who work toward keeping the server updated, secured, and patched.

Our App Hosting Features
● We can handle applications of any size, be it launching of a small app for internal business communication or as large as any social media.
● The limitation of resources is not a big deal with us. Our hosting plans offer easy scaling wherein you can scale the cloud VPS, use cloud sites, or auto-scaling.
● Get help instantly through the certified tech support team. IT Team of RKA Infotech understands what a successful application needs.
● We guarantee the speedy uptime and 100% network. We have dedicated servers to access the cord data in real-time.
● We ensure on-site monitoring for the earliest possible solutions.
● We’re not a layman. Our team of professionals can help you to identify the right hosting plan suitable to your business and App.
● We offer great customization.

Hosting Plans to Choose From

Cloud Sites
Paas (Platform as a Service) allows the launching of PHP and .NET Apps fast.

VPS Hosting
In this plan, you will enjoy the control of the server with flexibility. It’s an affordable plan to get your own cloud service.

Dedicated Servers
There’re single-tenant servers for the fastest possible speed and robust security. Such servers are entirely customizable.

Custom Hosting Solutions
If nothing out of the above suits your needs, we can customize it for you!
above suits your needs, we can customize it for you!