SAAS Development

SAAS is the latest business solution delivery model in which the application is remotely hosted on the infrastructure of the service provider. The user need not to download any software other than a browser. With a strong portfolio of product development, RKA Infotech offers a range of world-class SaaS programming services for our global clients, from a bootstrapped startup to a large business.

Software-as-a-service(SAAS) programs are referred to as hosted software. The SAAS applications provide a single application to multiple users by using cloud computing. It helps to handle operations in a one-to-many model from central locations. There is no need for an administrator to worry about software updates. This technology reduces the time and cost of deployment. SAAS is a software model in which a service provider hosts an application for customers and makes it available through the internet to them. The examples of SAAS applications are calendar software, office tools, email, photo editing tools, etc.

This technology gives the maximum power to software and services owners by giving them overall control, and it provides the most choice to customers by giving them on-demand instant access. RKA Infotech has a proven track record of delivering robust and scalable SAAS solutions using the best and latest web technologies.

SAAS Development Company develops SAAS solutions for businesses and startups seeking to host applications on their servers and providing them via the internet to customers. At RKA Infotech, our mission is to provide you with world-class SAAS application development and maintenance services that help you capture the market. We develop SAAS applications that reduce the operational cost and strengthen your business. We have well-versed and well-experienced SaaS application developers that have advance knowledge of each development layer and cutting edge technology.