Custom Web Application

RKA Infotech is a renowned custom web development company that designs business-focused solutions that perfectly match our Clients functional and service requirements.
Our custom development services are involved in developing solutions that reveal excellence with the most eligible ideas and authentic practices. Our development process is well-approved by standard industry policies and is matched with the best quality assurance attributes to create the most valuable software programs that best serve your business purpose.

With custom web applications, you can cater to unique business needs with a feasible solution. Customized solutions can easily be incorporated into businesses or other applications. The performance is a critical factor of businesses, and with a custom application, it can be well nurtured. Custom web solutions will adapt and respond to business-related critical situations.

There are three main steps of custom web app development, that are:
planning, development and maintenance, For each part, our team will ensure smooth sailing. Our custom apps come with high levels of accessibility, scalability, and compatibility, rendering user experience consistent across different browsers and devices.

We have a specified architecture for the development of custom web applications. We ensure that the programming logic and actions are isolated from the interface or the layout files such as HTML, CSS makes editing easy and quick. Our framework has been developed using principles of best practices & programming standards to reduce the learning curve. The various tools and technology help to ensure the fast development and deployment of custom web app solutions.

Our Process of developing a Custom Web Application

● Analysis and Audit
● Research and UX WorkFlow
● Choosing the Right Tech stack
● Creating Database Architecture
● Custom Web Development
● Application Testing

To create custom web applications for our valued customers, we use software engineering processes such as AngularJS, CSS and ColdFusion. We are introducing the latest technologies and environments to produce high-quality products with an obsession of detail and decades of experience. We offer custom web development services it means we can edit the code easily, saving your time and money if there are changes to be made.
At RKA Infotech, we offer a plethora of web application services that meet all the needs of your business. With enriched user experience and an intuitive user interface, we increase the usability of your business. With our innovative apps we deliver 100% customer satisfaction at reasonable costs. If you are looking for scalable solutions for your business, get in touch with us.