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UniverseJobs.Com  is a career portal catering to aspirants and recruiters worldwide. It is owned and operated by RKA Jobs, LLC, based out of Florida, with a branch office in New Delhi India. It would subsequently cover the entire globe and futuristic jobs elsewhere in the Universe. Founded by Dr. Ratan K. Ahuja, CEO, with a goal of providing a platform for posting and searching jobs not only across the world, transcending the boundaries across countries, it has come across as a boon both for job seekers and job providers.


UniverseJobs.Com  provides market intelligence, talent management and recruitment solutions. Online career search services are offered in multiple sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, engineering and information technology.


Universe jobs offer a fast and easy way for qualified candidates to apply for jobs online. Their Job Search Engine employs special tools enabling companies to increase their outreach and connect with candidates for varied job requirements. The idea is to enable companies build a global pool of the brightest candidates on the Internet. They have embarked on a mission of helping the employers to find their dream candidate in the most expeditious manner and to help the job seekers find their dream career anywhere on the globe. Their tag line says it all: For Any Job Anywhere


Launched with the sole purpose, of increasing awareness about the diverse and fulfilling job positions available around the globe, the first of its kind portal floated with an aim to attract people to join the best available positions. The dedicated platform seeks to be the one stop platform for aggregating job postings. The career portal enables jobseekers, fresh graduates, mid-career switchers, retirees and back – to – work parents to find about various job openings. The portal targets top of the line employers as well as jobseekers keen to contribute to the growth of the company and the economy.


The portal has all the tools and resources job seekers need to take their career to the next level. They help them hired globally, offer pertinent advice, tip and tricks on career moves, resume preparation, presentation, finding & retaining employment and career progression.


Lot of hard work goes into making the most relevant job search results available with keyword optimized algorithms across a wide range of job categories and industries. Discerning job seekers and employers leverage portal resources to pursue their professional and business goals.



The platform is open to all organizations. The registered ones would be able to pick up a plan of their choice, and post job vacancies, search for suitable candidates (Resumes). This online recruitment service is currently catering to a host of registered institutions.



Interested individuals can fill an online registration form to register. They can search for career opportunities in a wide range of sectors and also gain a better understanding of what it feels like to be working in a particular area, through profiles and stories of those who have joined. Registration is free.


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