Welcome to an all new and hassle free way of inviting your guests. No more phone calls, no more courier charges, no more stamp duties & no more getting stuck in traffic jams.

How Does it Work
1) Choose from any of pre designed templates for any occasions.
2) Have your own design, go ahead with your creative instinct, choose a layout and design your own template.
3) Do you need a customized template? Great we are just a call away from you or you can also send us a quarry and we would happily call you back.
4) Once you are ready with the E-Invitation Card send it directly to the inbox of your invitees.

Features of E-Invitation Cards
1) Give a personal touch by adding upto 3 photos which best expresses your occasion.
2) Number of guests attending always remains a suspense but not with E-Invitation you can easily track your RSVP’s in your email or through your E-Invitation account
3) Need more than just an E Card? You can let us know and we would design a micro website for you.
4) Personalize and amaze your invitees by adding photos and a video to your micro website.